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PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine


Leshan PET stretch blow molding machine is used to blow various shapes of bottles for containing chemicals, cosmetics, pesticide, etc. Our all-electric PET blowing machines can be divided into cold-filling and hot-filling series. Adopting energy-saving servo control, it can keep high-speed mold clamping while saving 30% energy comparing to the same kind of machines made by other automatic blowing equipment manufacturers.


This PET stretch blow molding machine performs tube loading and tube heating automatically. This machine is controlled by all electric servo motor, which avoids water leakage of hydraulic oil in order to protect the products from contamination. Three-plate self-locking design is adopted to ensure fast clamping and great clamping force.


1. Our PET stretch blow molding machines adopt advanced PLC system to maintain stable performance.
2. Conveying works in automatic way.
3. Heat is uniformly distributed because the bottle is automatically rotated in front of the infrared pre-heater.
4. Leshan PET stretch blow molding machines employ automatic-locking apparatus in each mechanical action, which guarantees high safety and avoids a breakdown.
5. The light tube and reflecting board length in the preheating area are adjustable, and the an automatic apparatus is adopted to keep pre-heater working in eternal temperature.


Specifications of PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

1. High automation
2. Configured with Telemaintenance (WIFI and 3G)
3. Advanced CNC Coming with High Precision

Packaging and transportation

Equipment: Packed with Moisture-proof Film

Light Spare part: Packed with Carton
Heavy Spare part: Packed with Wooden Case