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85Y1X1.25D 25L Blow Molding Machine


Leshan blow moulding machines, including the giant-blow moulding machines, are the most stable machine which you can rely on. It can blow plastic bottles for accommodating pesticide, oil, water, drinks, detergent, chemicals and many other matters. Leshan is a recognized leader for providing innovative blow moulding equipments while charging client-profitable cost.


1. Die head and lifting platform are designed in special way. Hence, it is more stable to raise the die head and move the die head forwards and backwards.
2. According to the
3、According to the double pump, proportion flow valve, the power consumption can be decrease;
4、Automatic lubrication system;
5、 It also has down blow pin, down widen device, mould stretch , double clamping and robot hand;
6、It could be optional configured with telemaintenance system;
7、The screw diameter is 85mm ;
8、The maximum blow volume is 25L,PE、PP、PS、PC、PVC can be used, suitable for production of chemical barrels、auto parts and pesticide sprayer etc.

85H1X1.25D 25L Blow Molding Machine Example Bottle 15 L, 1100 g
One Station One Cavity up to 25 L Output 45/hr, 1100 /day, 0.38million/year

Technical Data

1. General Features

Carriage Horizontal Shuttle Stroke mm /
Dry Cycle sec 3"
Clamp Force kN 400
Pressure of Hydraulic System Mpa 14
Pressure of Pneumatic System Mpa 0.6-0.8
Pressure of Cooling System Mpa 0.2-0.3
Air Consumption (Estimated) m3 / hr 5
Minimum Pressure for Cooling Water to Machine Mpa 0.2
Power of Pump Motor for Hydraulic Movements kW 15
Power of Servo Pump Motor (if Needed) kW (5.5)
Power of Die Head Heating kW 16
Power of Knife kW /
Total Power Installed (Estimated, Maximum) kW 83.5

2. Extruders

Screw Diameter mm 85
Extruder Rotating Speed / 20~66
Power of Electric Motor kW 30
Power of Barrel Heating kW 15
Max. Throughput = PE kg/h 130

3. Mould Dimensions

Maximum A mm 700
Maximum Length B mm 500
Minimum Depth C mm 250
Clamp Open Max. Daylight D mm 900
Open Stroke E mm 400
Max Weight of Mould kg 500

4. Production Possibilities

Cavities 1
Max. Center Distance mm /
Max. Container mm 680
Max. Container mm 350
Max. Container Depth mm 340
Container Capacity (Estimated) lt 25

5. Machine Dimensions

Maximum mm 1800
Maximum length mm 3400
Maximum mm 3000
Total weight kg 6000