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75U2X1.10F Extrusion Blow Molding Machine


75U+S2X1.10F bottle extrusion blow moulding machine is specialized in producing middle-sized plastic containers like cosmetic bottles, detergent bottles, etc. With double mold bases, one to eight die heads for choice, sliding rail for moving molds, and many other excellent working performances, this machine boasts safe operation and high production efficiency. Besides, a labeling machine is available to co-work with this bottle extrusion blow moulding machine, such as to label the plastic products once after they are formed. In this way, an entire automatic production line cuts down production costs and saves


1. The screw diameter is 75 mm.
2. Following configurations are optional: single die head, double station, singer layer, double die head, four die head and multi-layer.
3. Scissors toggle clamping system enables high rigidity mold clamping. The clamping force is far beyond general claming system.
4. 75U+S2X1.10F bottle extrusion blow moulding machine applies high accuracy linear guide rail, ensuring fast moving speed and stable production.
5. The double pump and proportional flow valve pull down the power consumption.
6. Automatic lubrication system is adopted, and the machine is configured with thickness control system.
7. Integration of various take-out concepts makes 75U+S2X1.10F bottle extrusion blow moulding machine more comfortable to operate.
8. Modern user-friendly touch screen is designed according to ergonomics and equipped with industrial PC networking. Besides, it supports work through WIFI or 3G.
9. Plastic products by this machine are bottles, toys, auto parts, and so on. They are with volume of 5 to 10 liters.
10. Available plastic materials processed by 75U+S2X1.10F bottle extrusion blow moulding machine are PE, PP, PS, PC, PVC, etc.

75U+S2X1.10G Example Oil Bottle 5000 ml, 250 g
Twin Station Blow Moulder up to 10L Output 220/hr, 5400 /day, 1.89 million/year

Technical Data

1. General Features

Carriage Horizontal Shuttle Stroke mm 650
Dry Cycle sec 4.8"
Clamp Force kN 127
Pressure of Hydraulic System Mpa 14
Pressure of Pneumatic System Mpa 0.6-0.8
Pressure of Cooling System Mpa 0.2-0.3
Air Consumption (Estimated) m3 / hr 5
Minimum Pressure for Cooling Water to Machine Mpa 0.2
Power of Pump Motor for Hydraulic Movements kW 14
Power of Servo Pump Motor (if Needed) kW (5.5)
Power of Die Head Heating kW 7
Power of Knife kW 2
Total Power Installed (Estimated, Maximum) kW 58.5 (67.5)

2. Extruders

Screw Diameter mm 75
Extruder Rotating Speed / 20~60/(20~83)
Power of Electric Motor kW 22/(30)
Power of Barrel Heating kW 12.5(13.5)
Max. Throughput = PE kg/h 120
Max. Throughput = PP kg/h 90

3. Mould Dimensions

Maximum A mm 380
Maximum Length B mm 440
Minimum Depth C mm 115
Clamp Open Max. Daylight D mm 580
Open Stroke E mm 230
Max Weight of Mould kg 100

4. Production Possibilities

Cavities 1 2 4
Max. Center Distance mm / 120/200 85/100
Max. Container mm 280 110/190 75/90
Max. Container mm 320 320 320
Max. Container Depth mm 190 190 190
Container Capacity (Estimated) lt 10 4 2

5. Machine Dimensions

Maximum mm 3150/(2200)
Maximum Length mm 4340
Maximum mm 2600
Total Weight kg 9000


We provide one year equipment warranty, free installation for domestic market, for charging debugging in oversea market and all-life services. Equipment parts are free replacement for one year except for the rapid wear parts.
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