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4 In 1 Crushing Unit

When the plastic molding machines requires an assorted material mixed together with different amount of weight, the Leshan 4 in 1 Plastic Blowing Machine (Crusher plus Color Does plus Mixer plus Loader) is the best machine for the job.
This Leshan 4 in one Series (Crusher plus Color Does plus Mixer plus Loader) is designed with a micro-computer system and compensation function so as to be easy and personalized control. The mixing precision of each batch can be controlled to ±0.1%. Each time the machines starts running, it will automatically check the scale to ensure the best quality.


1. All material are weighed and measured, enable to control quality.
2. Quality of material can be monitored, once the material starts to change, the reparation system will immediately activate.
3. It weighs the material each time upon activation to ensure product’s quality.
4. Four kinds of material can be loaded at the same time.
5. Formula can be set and stored in the system of future use.
6. This 4In1Plastic Blowing Machine is easy to operate. Just need to add material to the hopper, switch on the controller, set the percentage you need in the touch screen monitor and the system will run automatically according to the input value. The alarm will work automatically if the material is used up.
7. Vibration cannot be affected. The measuring unit can consider the impact and shock, so it can be ignored.
8. Can be directly installed to molding machines.
9. 4In1Plastic Blowing Machine can be cleaned easily.

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4In1Plastic Blowing Machine
4In1Plastic Blowing Machine
4In1Plastic Blowing Machine