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Blow Moulding Machine


Applying the most versatile plastic processing techniques, blow molding machines are specialized in production of tanks, pails, fuel drums, lubrication oil compartment, containers, machinery parts, toys and other plastic articles. As one of the leading plastic blow moulding equipment manufacturers in China, Leshan is qualified to bring out the reliable products featured by high production efficiency as well as high operation flexibility. Our blow molding machines, with unit moulding capacity ranging from 5 ml’s to 100 L’s moulds, or applying single mould frame or double moulds frame, meet varies requirements and are highly spoken of by customers. Plastic products formed by these blow molding machines cover a wide range of applications, including the smallest ampules or tubes, beverage packaging, cosmetic containers, large mouth containers, technical parts and canisters.


1. Food Packaging: Juice Bottles, Milk Bottles, Soy Sauce Bottles, Ketchup Bottles, Chewing Gum Bottles
2. Pharmaceutical Packaging: High-Vein Burette, Ampule, Eye Drops Bottle, Pill Bottle, Herbicide Bottle
3. Chemicals Packaging: Machine Oil Tank, Lubrication Oil Bottle, Pesticide Bottle, Herbicide Bottle
4. Cosmetic Packaging for Shampoo, Bath Gel, Body Lotion, Facial Cleanser, Hair Dye, Etc.
5. Engineering Parts: Blow Chairs, Nursery Bookcases, Toolbox, Chemical Barrels, Air Hose Pipe, Tubing, Christmas Ornaments, Etc.
6. Toy: Bath Toys, Water Guns, Toy Cars, Ocean Ball, Blow Blocks, Blow Dumbbells, Children Golf Toys, Children's Baseball, Children's Slides, Seesaw, Etc.
7. Others: Cushioned Insole, Warning Sign Box, Powder Keg, Etc.


1. Our blow molding machines have passed ISO9001:2008 standards and CE certificates.
2. We have owned the global manufacture certificate awarded by TUV (Technischen Uberwachungs Vereine).
3. Leshan is awarded as Famous Brand of Guangdong Province.
4. Worldwide technical support and training is offered.
5. Available plastic materials for the blow molding machines are PE, PP, PC, PS, PVC, EVA, etc.
6. With five patents for invention and 26 patents for utility, Leshan is rather qualified to manufacture a series of innovative quality products.
7. Customization service is provided.
8. Leshan machines demonstrate user-friendliness, high molding efficiency, low energy consumption, considerate maintenance service, etc.
9. More than 10000 blow molding machines manufactured by us are sold all around the world.