Product List

1. What is the scale of your company?

Our company has 350staff, floor area covers 37570㎡, and we own both the land and workshop. Our registered Capital is USD1.6million,and we have a long-term business license since 1995.

2. How long is the warranty period of your equipment?

We offer ONE-year guarantee time free of charge, and all-life after sales service.

3. Do you offer after-sales service?

First, our machine has Remote Maintenance function(optional choice when you placing the order to us), which means if your machine has some software crush down or data missed, you could connect your machine to the internet and we could updated or recover factory setting.

4. How many people are there in your QC department?

There are 5 general QC staff who are in charge of IQC and Ex-work inspection, and every staff of next procedure is the QC of previous procedure.

5. What is the Processing Capacity of your machine?

Leshan is the first one to use the gantry milling machine of 2.5M*6M stroke to process the installation surface of penholder to maitain the same verticality for both of left and right blowing pin . Repeated debuging of blowing pin is not required in our machine even for muti cavities.

6. Are you experienced in exporting?

We are authorized to export our product more than 19 years, and more than 10 people in our company who can speak good English, and some of them can speak French too. all of our sales representative are familiar with Local customs as well as with our product. and in our office ,we have facilities for praying. and in our canteen, we supply vegetarian diet and muslin food on request.

7. History of Blow Molding

The idea behind blow molding comes from glass blowing. The first two people who are known to have used the blow molding process are Enoch Ferngren and William Kopitke. In 1938, they produced a blow molding machine, which they then sold to the Hartford Empire Company, kicking off the commercial use of blow molding

8. What's processing method of Blow Moulding Machine?

Blow moulding a shape is a common industrial process. The example shown below is of the production of a plastic bottle. The plastics normally used in this process are: polythene,PVC and polypropylene

9. How many types of Blow Moulding are there in your company?

This process is used for making glass and plastic products, such as single serving bottles and small medical devices, in high volume. The polymer is injected on to what is called a core pin, which is then inflated, cooled, and ejected.

10. What is Blow Moulding?

Blow moulding is the Efficient production of hollow items.The blow molding process is used to efficiently produce hollow items, such as tool case and pipes

11. What is the role of Screw Design in Blow Moulding

Screw design is seldom discussed when buying a new machine. In fact, it should be near the top of the list. This shows a melt "T” adapter for dual heads. Removal of the adapter allows for easy feedscrew removal from the extruder.