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Honeycomb dehumidifier


1. Advanced temperature controller is adopted, leading to the temperature deviation within 1℃.
2. Imported honeycomb rotor with zeolite inside the backbone can guarantee effective dehumidifying and the world famous programming system can ensure the stability of the whole dehumidifying process.
3. The honeycomb dehumidifier can provide automatic start-up, stop. Meanwhile, the emergency stop switch is also installed to ensure the safety when short circuit, phase-sequence, blower overload, overheating and rotor fault occur.
4. Due to the stable stoma structure made from crystalloid zeolite, the maintenance is simple with only water needed to clean the machine.
5. The dehumidifying effect turns out to be satisfactory even under high temperature and the absorption capacity can be well maintained even at 100℃.
6. With the simple structure consisting of honeycomb dehumidifier dehumidifier, drying hopper and loading system, the machine is easy to install, clean and move.