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EPET06-4H Stretch Blow Molding Machine


Leshan PET stretch blow molding machine is used to blow various shapes of bottles for containing chemicals, cosmetics, pesticide, etc. Our all-electric PET blowing machines can be divided into cold-filling and hot-filling series. Adopting energy-saving servo control, it can keep high-speed mold clamping while saving 30% energy comparing to the same kind of machines made by other automatic blowing equipment manufacturers.


1. EPET06-4H stretch blow moulding machine adopts energy saving servo control that not only could accomplish high-speed mold open & close but also save 30% energy compare to the machines manufactured by other PET bottle molding machinery suppliers.
2. The mold clamping plate adopts the special design of three-plates self-locking that could clamp fast at first then get slow mutely, meeting the demand of the increasing clamping force.
3. The heating box structure is designed at 6 adjusted zones. It fulfills different heating requirements for different length of tube.
4. This stretch blow moulding machine features stable pneumatic system, smooth buffering performance and low noise.
5. It is controlled by all electric servo motor, avoiding the hydraulic oil leakage and contamination.
6. It is with four cavities. The maximum blow volume is 0.6 L.
7. These machines have a unique design according to the effect on the PET material. Multiple blowing steps reduce PET residual stress.
8. Hot fill PET bottles are able to stand high temperatures ranging from 82°C to 95°C without deformation. This is an incredible success in the hot fill beverage domain.
9. EPET06-4H stretch blow moulding machine is operated by user-friendly PLC system.
10. Preform positioning is conducted by servo-motor technology.
11. It is en ideal solutions for medium output production needs.

Technical Specifications

Molding Specification Output (Basic on 0.6 L Bottle) bph 5800
Clamping Force kN 480
Max. Mold Stroke mm 100
Mold Thickness mm 180
Max. Mold Size (H × W) mm 320 × 312
Stretching Stroke mm 340
Bottom Stroke mm 50
Cavity Distance mm 76.2
Number of Cavities / 4
Bottle Specification Max. Bottle Capacity L 0.6
Neck Diameter Range mm 18-35
Bottle Diameter mm 68
Bottle mm 240
Electrisify Specification Heating Power kW 32
Preform Feeding Motor kW 0.25
Rotating Motor kW 0.12
Revolution Motor kW 1.5
Clamping Motor kW 3
Total Power kW 37
Actual Power Consumption kW ≤20
Air Compressor
Specification (Basic on 0.6 L Bottle)
Operating Pressure Mpa 0.7
Low Pressure Air Consumption m3/min 1.5
Blowing Pressure Mpa 3.5
Hight Pressure Air Consumption m3/min 4.5
Chiller Specification Operating Pressure kg/cm2 5
Temperature Range 25
Heat Consumption kcal/hr 40000
Flow Rate L/min 150
Machine Specification Size (L × W× H) m 3.8 × 2.15 × 2.5
Weight kg 5200
Mould Plate (mm)