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Product List

SCJ-65U2X2.5F 2L Blow Moulding Machine

Production Info

Category: 2L Blow Molding Machine of single layer, Blow Moulding Machine
Applicable materials: PE, PP
Usage: luggage barrel tank, hollow plates, tubes, boxes, balls
Production capacity: 60kg / h
Yield: 2L gear oil bottle, 110g, 10000 pcs / day (Output varies on different Factor, please consult our sales engineer for accurate output of your product)
Mold frame number: 2
Number of Die heads: 1
Screw diameter: main screw 65mm,
The maximum open-distance: 450 (mm)
Clamping minimum distance: 200(mm)
Whether it contains thickness control: yes
Warranty Period: whole year warranty,all life service
Whether to provide custom processing: Yes

Brief Introduction

65U2X2.5F Example Oil bottle 2L, 110g
Twin station Double cavity blow moulder up to 2L Output 420pcs/hr 10000pcs /day 3.5 million/year

General Features

The screw diameter is 65mm ;
Single die head, double station and single layer(could be figure by double die head ,triple die head,four die head,six die head);
Scissors toggle clamping system, high rigidity mold clamping, clamping force is larger than before,force under the clamping plate is uniform;
High accuracy linear guide rail, fast moving speed and stable production;
Thanks to the double pump & proportion flow valve, the power consumption can be decrease;
Configured with thickness control system;
Integration of various take-out concepts;
Modern, ergonomic and easy-to-use screen controls with Touchscreen and industrial PC networking of intelligent peripheral devices(both WIFI and 3G net work are valid);
can be provided with IML (in-mould-labeling);
The maximum blow volume is 2L,PE、PP、PS、PC、PVC can be used, suitable for production of 2L lubrication bottle、2L cleaning stuff bottle、toy and auto parts.

Technical Data

General Features

Carriage horizontal shuttle stroke mm 500
Dry cycle sec 4.3"
Clamp force kN 78
Pressure of Hydraulic System Mpa 14
Pressure of Pneumatic System Mpa 0.6-0.8
Pressure of Cooling System Mpa 0.2-0.3
Air consumption (estimated) M3 / hr 5
Minimum pressure for cooling water to machine Mpa 0.2
Power of pump motor for hydraulic movements kW 7.5
Power of servo pump motor(if needed) kW (5.5)
power of Die head heating kW 5
Power of knife kW 2
Total power installed (estimated, maximum) kW 49.5(55)


Screw diameter mm 65
Extruder rotating speed / 20~67
Power of electric motor kW 15
Power of barrel heating kW 9
Max throughput = PE kg/h 60
Max throughput = PP kg/h 40

Mould Dimensions

Maximum A mm 300
Maximum length B mm 365
Minimum Depth C mm 100
Clamp open max daylight D mm 450
Open stroke E mm 250
Max weight of mould kg 100

Production Possibilities

Cavities 1 2 4
Max center distance mm / 120/150 65/70/85/100
Max container mm 280 110/140 55/60/75/90
Max container mm 245 245 245
Max container depth mm 135 135 135
Container capacity (estimated) lt 5 2 0.5